23 September, 2021

Doric EPEC Cylinder wins 2021 AGWA ‘Most Innovative Component’ Award

Leading Australian door and window hardware manufacturer Doric has continued its winning streak at the annual Australian Glass and Window Association (AGWA) Design & Industry Awards, with the new EPEC Electronic Pin Euro Cylinder claiming the title of the ‘Most Innovative Component’ for 2021.

This is Doric’s 6th ‘Most Innovative Component’ award win since 2007 and the 3rd consecutive award in this category.

The Doric EPEC is a game-changer for the industry, with its multi-user PIN code functionality quickly and easily installed in a wide variety of applications.

The EPEC replaces a traditionally fixed or floating cam key lock Euro cylinder with a digital-key and turn operation, while retaining the existing lock body and handle, all installed in minutes.

The design allows homeowners to create and manage up to two groups and 12 unique PIN codes, making the stylish system perfect for a wide variety of applications, including allowing temporary access for tradespeople or for short-term accommodation visitors.

Lost keys will be a thing of the past, with users never being locked out again.

The list of award winners for Doric is:

  1. 2007 – DH40 Hinge
  2. 2009 – Mk4 Chainwinder 
  3. 2016 – DN8000 Multi Point System 
  4. 2018 – DN85 Self Latching Unit 
  5. 2019 – Doric Ventus Plug & Play System 
  6. 2021 – EPEC Cylinder 

For more information on the Doric EPEC Cylinder visit https://doric.com.au/product/epec/ or watch the 60 second video below