Overhead Hydraulic Door Closer


Suits all existing type doors up to 1100mm wide and a maximum weight of 80kg with a standard arm, also possible with slide arm doors up to 950mm wide and a maxi weight of 80kg.

Ordering Procedure

9023320-DC150 Groom door closer fixed backcheck
9023321-DC150 Groom door closer non backcheck

Door Stop

A door stop should always be used to prevent the closer mounting from damage and the closer opening beyond its templated limit.

Locate a door stop no less than 2/3 of the door width away from the pivot centre.

Operation and Control

Standard with activated backcheck and disengaged delayed action

  • Zone 1: Standard opening of the door, up to 70o
  • Zone 2: From 70o to 180o (depending on door design) the back check ensures the deceleration of the door’s opening speed.
  • Zone 3: Fully controlled closing up to the final 15o.
  • Zone 4: Latch control adjustable by valve

The Groom DC150 is guaranteed for five (5) years against manufacturing faults.

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