Universal Door Closer


For use on aluminium and timber door frames.


The stylish and compact DC200 is perfect for use on light commercial doors. The DC200 is both non-handed and full reversible allowing for it to be used on either side of your door. The idenpendant adjustment valvues also allow for easy adjustment of the backcheck, closing speed and latching speed.

Ordering Procedure

Nominate model, accessories and finish
e.g DC200/silver.

Door Stop

A door stop should always be used to prevent the closer mounting from damage and the closer opening beyond its templated limit. Locate a door stop no less than 2/3 of the door width away from the pivot centre

Operation and Control

Standard with activated backcheck and disengaged delayed action

  • Zone 1: Standard opening of the door, up to 70o
  • Zone 2: From 70o to 180o (depending on door design) the back check ensures the deceleration of the door’s opening speed.
  • Zone 3: Fully controlled closing up to the final 15o.
  • Zone 4: Latch control adjustable by valve.

The DC200 is guaranteed for two (2) years against manufacturing faults.

  • DC200


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