DH40X Adjustable Architectural Hinge

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The AWA award winning designed hinge has recently undergone further enhancements to allow it to better suit the growing trend of larger commercial doors.

Doric has made some significant improvements to the DH40X hinge including increased leaf thickness, new improved bushes and larger fixing screws. These enhancements ensure this innovative product will deliver peace of mind whatever the installation may be.

No other hinge on the market allows for simple adjustment once fitted like the DH40. This award winning hinge delivers value for money, style and performance.

Corrosion tested to meet the harshest of Australian conditions, Doric is delighted to be able to deliver this innovation product to the Australia and New Zealand window and door markets.


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  • Universal fitting principals – suitable for any installation where an interfold or butt style hinge would normally be used.
  • Hinges are surface mounted and require no specialised machining
  • Bi-directional fixing system provides vastly superior load carrying capabilties
  • Maximum capacity with 3 hinges allows for doors up to 100kg and 1.2m width
  • Allows for up to 180 degree door opening capacity – doors can be folded back against the wall for 100% opening potential


  • Suitable for all light and heavy duty applications
  • High security mounting system does not allow the door to be removed in the case of the hinge pins being removed
  • Adjustable in 2 directions
  • The DH40X allows for doors to be adjusted both vertically and horizintally by up to 6mm each way. The ease of adjustment can be carried out by a lone installer
  • Hinge leaf thickness increased to carry greater weights
  • Improved bushes to support an increase in door weights
  • Larger diametre fixing screws