DN9500 High Performance Multi Point Locking System

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The DN9500 is a project specific window hardware system available for consultation and specification.

Building and developing upon Doric’s previous multi-point window systems, the DN9500 Multi-Point series is a masterpiece of engineering. In consultation with Azuma and developed in conjunction with the feedback from respected fabricators the DN9500 features “Coastguard”, a premium and high-end multi point system designed and developed specifically for high performance windows.

The growth of high-rise commercial buildings and established vertical living spaces in Australia has trended towards durable, high performance multi point locks such as the DN9500.

With increased reliability and performance, the DN9500 provides the ultimate in negative wind load performance and very high corrosion resistant materials.

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  • Black
  • White
  • Silver


  • Manufactured from high yield 304 & 316 stainless steel
  • Designed to open two ways or open one way – uni drive or bi directional
  • Strong corrosion resistant materials
  • Available with a top or front mount handle

Product Details

Suits Residential & Commercial
windows in high-rise buildings
Contact our Doric High Rise team at info@doric.com.au.
Multipoint Technical Brochure

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