Doric Protection Film

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Doric Blue Protection Film is the perfect surface protection system for windows, glass, metal, and any architectural non-porous materials used in the construction industry.

This product is used for protecting windows and doors from dirt, scratches and marking during handling, transport, storage, assembly & onsite works. Protection Film preserves the quality and perfect finish of your finished glazed windows and doors without leaving residues, stains or marking once the film is removed for a reliable and trouble-free solution.

With superior puncture resistance, the Protection Film can prevent scratches and damage to surfaces in transit as well on the job-site. It is designed specifically for indoor and outdoor protection of windows, aluminium and other non-porous surfaces for periods up to 6 months once applied to provide complete protection of the window system.

Protection Film also provides surface protection for applications including fabricating, shipping and storage of glass products as well as polished, painted and mill finished metals.

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  • Blue


  • Ideal temporary protection from dust, paint and scratches for building sites and home renovations
  • Stable adhesion – UV Stable, Outdoor life (6 months)


  • Easy removal
  • Robust – 50 micron film

Product Details

Microns 50
Suits Windows and Glass
Sizes 1220mm x 100m
610mm x 100m
Protection Film

How to order

Code Description
9051844 1220mm x 100m – 50um
9051845 610mm x 100m – 50um
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