DS1 Chainwinder

The new DS1 Chainwinder is designed for Residential Awning Windows.


  • Chain Restriction Switch - Inbuilt Restriction switch to easily restrict chain length where window restriction is required
  • Ergonomic Fold Down Handle - Designed to compliment the shape of the winder. Simply pull to fold down. 
  • Lock Indicator and 6 Disc Cylinder - Allows you to clearly see if the winder is in the locked or unlocked position. Can be keyed alike to other Doric window or door products.
  • Easylink Attachable Sash Plate - Easylink is a simple one way fitment to simplify Chainwinder installation. Easylink improves manufacturing productivity by reducing installation time.
  • Handle Arm with Adjustable Spline - Handle can be orientated to match other winders in the house. Simply loosen handle grub screw and resecure handle in the desired position.

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