Ventus ‘Plug & Play’ system

At the heart of the Ventus Automated Hardware is the channel controller unit, powered by a 24V DC power supply plugged into a AC 240V GPO.

Capable of controlling up to 8 motors per unit, the channel controller is the link for the motors to the remotes, switches & optional BMS automation systems, and does not require an electrician to connect components.

The Doric Ventus Automated Hardware can be used in floor to ceiling systems as well as those hard to reach areas.

Plug & Play system

Connect components fast and easy

No Electrician required

24V DC power pack plugs into a general power outlet (GPO)

Wiring charts

Installation is made a breeze following colour chart and wiring drawings

Wireless Control

Hand Held Remote and Wall Switches offers convenient control from any location

Flexible System Integration

Operating either standalone with GPO or integrate with BMS, C-BUS installations

New installs or retrofit

Ventus offers the flexibility for installation in new or existing openings

Plug & Play System

Channel Controller

The Doric Ventus Plug & play system consists of a simple range of controllers, switches and motors all connected via quick connect plugs.

The Plug & Play system controls up to 8 windows at a time and capable of operating Louvres and electric chainwinders all at the same time.

Add convenient to the system

One controller can be connected to an infinite number of switches and remotes, allowing you to put the controls where you want for absolute convenience.

Wind, Light, Rain Sensor and Building Management integration

A Wind Light Rain Sensor can be added to offer an automatic control when the weather turns undesirable.

The system also alternatively allows to connect into the existing or installed Building Management System (BMS) or C-BUS.

Power & Plugs

Running on 24V DC, the system by design only requires a GPO or regular mains power outlet at the reach of the supplied power pack to plug into.

A key benefit the Doric Ventus ‘Plug & Play’ system offers is no need for an electrician to wire up the hardware components.

Doric’s Ventus Auto Hardware range provides a host of motor options. The choice is simply down to the type and size of the window be it a Ventus Louvre Gallery or electric chainwinders for awning or casement windows.

Ventus Auto Louvre Galleries are a complete window solution, offering the frame, louvre blades and motorisation, all complete ready for on-site installation.

Auto Chainwinders are a great option for new and existing awning and casement windows. Most window sizes are covered thanks to a range of motor options to choose from.

Introducing the Power Struts, a first in awning servery window. It combines large motorised window actuator with a Doric design and manufactured locking mechanism for safety and security.

Auto Hardware Components

Doric's Ventus 'Plug & Play' Automated Hardware provides a complete adaptable ecosystem, with everything you need to automate and effortlessly control awning windows and louvre galleries.

MR551 8-Channel control unit

MR536 1-Channel control unit

MS541 Wired wall mounted switch

RT111 1-Channel wireless remote control

RT1116 16-Channel wireless remote control

WT211 1-Channel wireless wall mounted switch

WT215 5-Channel wireless wall mounted switch

2.5 Amp Power Pack 240VAC to DC 24V 2.5A - Supports up to 4 motors

10 Amp Power Pack 240VAC to DC 24V 10A- Supports up to 8 motors

21UP2403 UPS battery backup power - Short term power operation

WLR001 Wind Light Rain Sensor

BMS Integration Connects to BMS & C-BUS systems

102mm Auto Louvre 102mm Glass Blade

152mm Auto Louvre 152mm Glass Blade

OCP Over Current Protection

SCE100s Short Chain Electric Winder - 100mm

SCE300s Standard Chain Electric Winder - 300mm

LCD300 Large Chain Electric Winder - 300mm

TCE300 Twin Chain Electric Winder - 300mm

S102P SYNC Single chain electric winder SYNC Lead

Power Struts Automated hardware for servery style awning windows

C2075F01 2-Core, Female plug, 100mm

C2075M01 2-Core, Male plug, 100mm

C2075M3 2-Core, Male plug, 3m

C2075F3 2-Core, Female plug, 3m

C2075FM3 2-Core, Male / Female plugs, 3m

C2075M10 2-Core, Male plug, 10m

C2075MF10 2-Core, Male / Female plugs, 10m

C405F3 4-Core, Female plug, 3m

C405M3 4-Core, Male plug, 3m

C405FM3 4-Core, Female / Male plugs, 3m


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