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Location – Cowper Street, Glebe NSW
Facade Fabricator – Facade Concepts
Builder & Developer – Roxy-Pacific
Architect – Turner Studios


VENTUS | Automated Chainwinders
Award winning, high performance design,
automated Plug and Play system

Fitted with Doric’s new award-winning Ventus automated ventilation system.

Installed by Facade Concepts, the Doric Ventus Automated Plug and Play system is fitted to the awning windows that highlight apartments which adjoin the roof of the modern medium story West End residential development in the Sydney suburb of Glebe.

Designed by the award-winning Turner Studios, with interiors by Siren Design and developed by Singapore-based Roxy-Pacific, the West End Residences built by Hutchinson offer stunning city views, boutique design and architecture, and a unique city-fringe lifestyle with all that the CBD and environs has to offer.

The West End Residences’ modern industrial atheistic is complimented by the use of Dulux Black Ace powder-coated windows and doors throughout, with special highlight windows maximising space and air flow on the apartments that adjoin the roof.

Over the past 18 months, Doric has installed its Ventus Plug and Play system into select buildings and residential properties around Australia, as well the Philippines and Fiji, with further projects underway in Malaysia.

Ryan Phillips from Facade Concepts:

For the West End apartment development, the 30 person strong team at Facade Concepts led by Ryan Phillips and Jordan Moyle managed the entire installation of the automated Doric Ventus system, proving a key concept of the design which negates the need for other trades like electricians to be involved in the installation.

“Specifying the Doric Ventus Plug and Play was the ideal solution for this application. The user friendly system, the quality and the functionality meant the installation was straightforward, eliminating the need to engage a third party to complete the task.

Being a fenestration supplier doesn’t stop at the aluminium and glass. Having the ability to offer the whole job and not be reliant on other trades like the electrician meant we could install and commission the windows ourselves, giving us complete peace of mind on the final product we were providing.”

Heart of the Doric Ventus Automated Plug and Play system

A simple 24V DC control system is at the heart of the Doric Ventus Automated Plug and Play system, making it entirely self-contained and enabling automation of multiple window systems, including louvre and awning windows with chain winders, all controlled by wireless remotes.

Suitable for residential and commercial applications, it’s ideal for installations where windows are high-mounted or inaccessible and allows up to eight windows to be controlled in tandem from a single remote control.

The Ventus Automated Plug and Play system recently won the coveted ‘Most Innovative Window System’ award at the AUSFENEX19 Design Awards, the fifth time Doric’s innovation has won this recognition.

Presented by the Australian Window Association, the Award annually recognises innovative window and component design that accounts for considerations such as solar and thermal efficiency, noise reduction, security and environmental factors.

Another level of innovation to the new Doric Ventus system is added by its modular design, enabling installation by the window fabricator with quick connector plugs and wireless controls, reducing installation complexity and cost.

By providing greater flexibility in window access and control, Doric has ensured the end user now has greater influence over airflow and room temperature either manually via the remote, or through the system’s fully-automated response to environmental factors including wind, rain, changes in light, smoke and humidity.

With this programming capability, windows can be automatically adjusted to protect interiors from extreme temperature, wind and rain damage, or vent a room regularly as required.

Such efficiency also in turn lowers power usage and costs, while also benefiting the environment.

Additional accessories like humidity and or air-conditioning sensors can be added to the system, to close windows when the air conditioning is activated or open them at specific temperature or humidity levels.

The Doric Ventus Plug and Play system is also compatible with all Building Management systems, CBUS, smoke detectors and fire services or can be used as a standalone system.

It is manufactured using the highest quality materials and rigorously tested to 30,000 cycles, matching the life-cycle of a typical building, exceeding existing Australian Standards requirements.

You can refer to the website for our full range which includes commercial management systems, sensors and controls.

Download the West End Apartments Case Study PDF

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