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Location – 233 Princes Highway, Arncliffe NSW
Facade Fabricator – Windtech Facade Solutions


VENTUS | Automated Chainwinders
Award winning, high performance design,
automated Plug and Play system

VENTUS | Louvre Galleries
Natural ventilation and weather protection

DN197 | Entrance Handles
Commercial offset Stainless steel handles

DN970 | Morticed Lockbody
First choice for strength and durability in hinged commercial doors

DN982 | Escape Turn Handle
Strong, tough & durable for commercial applications

DC6000 | Door Closer
High level of efficiency, reliability and stylish

MESH | Security Screen
Robust, strong 316 Stainless steel security mesh

The new Arncliffe Youth Centre, providing a local community hub for Sydney’s southern suburbs, is now completed.

It includes a range of different spaces including sporting facilities such as two multi-purpose indoor courts, a grandstand, plus various social spaces for studying, music, arts, socialising and other youth services.

Windtech Facade Solutions were engaged to supply the doors and windows, some of which were double glazed. The fit out required both commercial hardware and automation, but supply partner, Doric, was on board to assist with suitable hardware solutions.

Windtech’s Senior Project Manager, Kevin Ford, explained that the project has been running since early 2019 and that, from their perspective, it’s been really good.

“I’ve been in the industry for 28 years and this has been a pretty smooth project overall. I’ve used Doric products for years because they are always high quality and the customer support is very good. With Doric’s help we’ve managed to get our part of the project done on time and everything went well.”

The Centre

The youth centre is a place of activity and has room for up to 440 spectators. With two large open space areas with glazed windows from floor to ceiling, air needs to circulate effectively. To meet these requirements, over forty automated LCD300 Electric Chainwinders for the awning windows and Louvre Galleries were installed.

Louvre Galleries at the floor level, protected by 316 grade stainless steel security mesh, draw cool air in from the ground level while automated awnings ventilate and exhaust air up high. The building is divided up into zones that can be controlled at the touch of a button. Kevin says that it’s a very good system that he would recommend to anyone.

Doric also supplied a premium commercial hardware package for all entry doors, which included DN197 425mm Offset Stainless steel handles, DN970 Locks with DN982 Escape Turn egress function and high-quality Door Closers and stainless steel hinges.

“All the DN970 Locks comply with BCA requirements and we specifically chose locks with a lever on the inside, so it’s an emergency exit at all times,” says Kevin.

Martin Hewett - Doric

From an installation perspective, Martin says that Doric relied heavily on their ‘plug-and-play’ rationale, a system they’ve designed to make window awning installations as simple as possible onsite.

“Basically, you make the windows and test the awning electric chainwinder before it arrives onsite, so you know it works. Once onsite, all you need to do is install the window system with the electric chainwinders mounted and draw your leads into the ceiling up to your power supply. From there, you just clip the cables together and attach the controller.

Pairing the zones to a transmitter is as simple as holding down both a switch on the controller and the transmitter at the same time – a light flashes and you’re good to go. This greatly reduces the commissioning costs of the system, which is often overlooked when comparing automation products.”

Featuring the Award-winning Doric Ventus Plug & Play system.

A simple 24V DC control system is at the heart of the Doric Ventus Automated Plug and Play system, making it entirely self-contained and enabling automation of multiple window.

Suitable for residential and commercial applications, it’s ideal for installations where windows are high-mounted or inaccessible, and allows up to eight windows to be controlled in tandem from a single control.

The Doric Ventus Plug and Play system is also compatible with all Building Management Systems, CBUS, smoke detectors and fire services or can be used as a standalone system.

It is manufactured using the highest quality materials and rigorously tested to 30,000 cycles, matching the life cycle of a typical building, exceeding existing Australian Standards requirements.

You can refer to the website for our full range which includes commercial management systems, sensors and controls.

Download the Arncliffe Youth Centre Case Study PDF

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