23 September, 2019

Doric Breezes Past Competition to Win ‘Most Innovative Window System’

Leading Australian hardware manufacturer, Doric has won the coveted ‘Most Innovative Window System’ award at the AUSFENEX19 Design Awards night, for the Ventus Automated Plug and Play system.

This marks the fifth occasion Doric has won the sought after title, which recognises creative and original products that specifically take into consideration issues relevant in today’s market, including solar, thermal, noise, security and environmental factors.

The Ventus Automated Plug and Play system, a collaboration between Doric and Ventus, is a simple to install 24V control system that allows the use of louvre and awning chain winders to be controlled via wireless controls.

Suitable for residential and commercial applications, the automated hardware system can run up to eight windows on one controller with an infinite number of remotes.

“There is no doubt the Ventus Automated Plug and Play system is a deserving winner. We are so very proud of this product and are thrilled to receive this recognition,” Niels Verhaar, Product Manager – Louvres, Doric, said.

“When briefing the design team, we knew we wanted a simple to use a “plug and play” technology as a true retro option. The automated control system caters to multiple window types and that most importantly allows the window fabricator to maintain control from fabrication to installation.”

“Too many times, we were hearing about window fabricators needing to outsource to an electrician or alike.”

“The Ventus allows the architect to spec a system that the fabricator can then install, commission, and automate with ease, with no external support required. The fabricator then retains their role as window expert, meaning the end result and the sale revenue belongs to the fabricator alone.”

Through the use of quick connector plugs and the wireless controls, the system provides for an easy way to automate multiple openings, including those that in the past may have been considered inaccessible.

By providing greater flexibility in access and control, combined with the systems automated response to environmental factors, including wind, rain, changes in light, smoke and humidity, Doric has ensured the end user greater influence over airflow and temperature in turn lowering power usage and costs while also benefiting the environment.

“Proper ventilation is vital to healthy and comfortable living spaces. The Ventus Plug and Play takes this one step further, by using external signals from the wind, light and rain sensors.”

“It allows us to gain greater control of the space, how we vent and how we protect against the elements. The system takes charge of this control even if you’re not there. The perfect harmony between technology and nature.”

Through the use of additional accessories like the humidity and or AC sensors, the windows can close when the air-conditioning is activated or once the room reaches a predetermined temperature, the windows can be reactivated open again to take benefit of ventilation and airflow.

“At Doric we are constantly working to raise the bar for the industry, our focus is on innovation and how we can produce new or take existing products to create new solutions using the latest technologies, the Ventus Plug and Play system is no exception. This is the Doric difference.”

Manufactured using the highest quality materials and rigorously tested above and beyond Australian Standards. Components of the Ventus Automated Plug and Play system have been cycle tested to 30,000 cycles, matching the lifecycle of the building.

Over the last 18 months, Doric has specified and implemented the Plug and Play system to select buildings and residential properties around Australia with great success, with the system also being installed in several countries, including the Philippines and Fiji, with projects underway in Malaysia.

“We have worked tirelessly to have the product specified internationally and domestically, with several installs overseas, plus many exciting opportunities locally that will allow us to further grow market share,” Mr Verhaar said.

“In Australia we have been heavily involved in specifying and creating a system for the NDIS scheme, whilst we are also working on smoke ventilation windows, and tailored systems for commercial schools and office spaces.”

The Ventus Plug and Play system is compatible with Building management systems, CBUS, smoke detection and fire services or is a perfect standalone control system.