CMesh Stainless Steel Security Mesh

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CMesh is developed by fabricators for fabricators and is Doric’s third generation of stainless steel security mesh.

Developed and tested over 8 years, CMesh incorporates fabricator feedback to deliver a reliable and trusted, high quality product.

Dynamic impact

Intruders relying on brute force and severe impact to invade your home will find themselves defeated by the patented two-part strengthening system of our superior doors.

The robust stainless steel mesh screen and aluminium panel work together to create a barrier that absorbs and spreads the shock of severe force, keeping you and your home secure.

Pull & Jemmy

There’s more than just an aesthetic appeal in the powdercoated mesh and fused decorative panel elements.

The combination of structural strength along with a concealed snap aluminium beading creates a single impenetrable barrier, which protects the frame from jemmying and thwarts pulling and tugging attempts.

Probe, Knife & Shear

Sharp implements and slicing tools are no match for the incredible strength of Doric premium mesh while the mesh has been designed to resist shearing, impact and slicing, it won’t hamper air flow giving your home both vital protection and the fresh breezes it deserves.

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  • Tested for flatness and squareness
  • Salt bath tested exceeding 1000 hours
  • Provide extreme corrosion resistance

C Mesh Difference

  • Every batch is tested for flatness (less than 2mm per m2) and knife shear tested
  • Every batch measured for squareness to +/- 5mm over 2.4m x 1.2m sheet
  • Minimum 1000 hours salt bath tested
  • Every batch LMATS material analysis approved

Product Codes & Sizing

  • 9051132 – SP82 CMesh 2400 x 900 sheet 316 SS
  • 9051133 – SP82 CMesh 2400 x 750 sheet 316 SS
  • 9051134 – SP82 CMesh 2000 x 1200 sheet 316 SS
  • 9051135 – SP82 CMesh 2400 x 1200 sheet 316 SS
  • 9051184 – SP82 CMesh 2000 x 900 sheet 316 SS
  • 9051416 – SP82 CMesh 2400 x 750 sheet 316 SS
  • 9051417 – SP82 CMesh 1500 x 1200 sheet 316 SS
  • 9051765 – SP82 CMesh 2400 x 1500 sheet 316 SS
  • 9051766 – SP82 CMesh 1200 x 900 sheet 316 SS
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