DS980 Murray | Sliding Patio Door Lock

This Product has been discontinued and replaced with the Advant Series of sliding patio door locks now available.

DS930A Wilton – Sliding Patio Door Lock
DS1000A Boston – Sliding Patio Door Lock
DS1010A Archer – Sliding Patio Door Lock

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Product Lock Sets
DS980 Double Lock Set (Int. & Ext. cylinders)
DS981 Latch Set (no cylinders)
DS982 Lock Set (Ext. cylinder only)
DS985 Lock Set ( Int. cylinder only)
DS988 Dummy Set (no cylinders)

External Handle
DS890 – with cylinder – (suits DS930, DS932)
DS891 – no cylinder – (suits DS931, DS935 & DS938)

DS5010 is standard

DS983 – 4.5mm

Product Details

Materials PolesiumTM
Finish Available Mill Finish, Powdercoat
Cylinder Both C4 pin and disc cylinders are available
Disc cylinders are standard & One KeyTM solutions compatible
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