Advant Chassis | Sliding Patio Door Lock

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The Advant is Doric’s latest single point sliding door lock chassis which is built on Doric’s 15 years of experience.

Incorporating a common lock body, that suits range of Polesium grab, and non-grab handle cover designs, the Chassis is versatile, reliable, corrosion resistant and affordable.

The Advant Chassis uses the industry standard 82mm machining details, which offer fabricators the option to stock and fit multiple handle styles without changing the manufacturing process or tools.

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  • Uses Doric’s Exclusive Cover Quick Fit System™, which allows the over to be fitted to the base by simply inserting two pins that click in and lock the cover in place. The pins are able to be removed by a 90-degree rotation with a pair of pliers, if the re-keying is required.
  • Latch and deadlock all in one standard model offering end user flexible security options.
  • Polesium™ base offers high resistant corrosion in aggressive environments. Chromed zinc base option is also available.
    Accepts both Doric DS154 5-disc wafer cylinder and C4 5 pin cylinders.
  • Utilises the Doric cartridge cylinder system which makes rekeying or changing cylinders quick and easy.
  • All locks form part of the Doric One Key™ solution and can be keyed alike to other window locks.
  • Exposed easy action limited dexterity lever feature.
    Chrome plated lever and tongue