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Doric’s new Ventus website is now live. Filled with product details and resources, you can go check it out now:

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DN400 Twin Chainwinder

Delivering a solution to the growing trend of large awning openings, the DN400 provides the ultimate window control for awning windows.

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DS2075 Hinged Barrier Door Lock

The DS2075 combines industry standard protection with durable and high quality craftsmanship to provide secure and optimal performance for all hinged and sliding barrier doors.

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EPEC Electronic Pin Euro Cylinder

EPEC EOFY Flash Sale! Use promo code EPEC_EOFY24 to receive 20% off any EPEC cylinder.

The EPEC  provides a multi-user PIN code functionality & management for Euro Cylinder lockbodies.

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DS3130 Timbarra Twiin Sliding Patio Door Lock

The DS3130 is available in a range of sleek and contemporary handle designs which blend seamlessly with modern decor.

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