DR4000 | Quad Roller

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The DR4000 Quad Roller is a high
performance roller carriage assembly
consisting of 4 x “ZZ” precision
bearing rollers with Ryvelin tyres for
smooth operation and durability.

The combination of an engineered
polymer outer carriage, stainless steel
middle carriage and cast zinc inner
carriage is designed to support door
weights up to 280kg.

Outer Carriage Engineered polymer
Inner Carriage Cast Zinc Passivated
Tyre DR71 high performance polymer with “ZZ” bearing and dust seal
Finish Available Black
Adjustment 8.5mm
Max Load Capacity 140kg per carriage
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  • Fully adjustable carriage gives 8.5mm height adjustment
  • Ryvelin tyres for smooth operation and durability
  • High performance rollers with ZZ bearing seal
  • Stainless steel pivot pins and bearing axles
  • Cycled test to 30,000 cycles
  • Maximum Carriage Load Rating 140kg (280kg Door)

How to order

Roller Wheel Weight Rating Order Code
Standard DR71 140kg max load 9046223
Know Your Rollers Guide DR4000 Series Brochure

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