EPEC | Electronic Pin Euro Cylinder (62mm)

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The EPEC provides a multi-user PIN code functionality & management for Euro Cylinder lockbodies.

The Electronic PIN Euro Cylinder (EPEC) will help provide your door with a smarter lock. The EPEC replaces traditional fixed or floating cam key lock Euro cylinder with a digital-key & turn operation; while retaining the existing lock body and handle.

While most digital-key entry locks are only a single handle body lock option, EPEC is designed to fit the existing euro cylinder profile and provide a greater choice of designs in handle furniture and lock bodies.

The EPEC allows you to create and manage up to two groups and 12 unique PIN codes; you’ll never have to worry about losing a key again.


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  • Satin Black
  • Satin Chrome


Keyless Entry
Enter a 6 digit PIN Code which acts as a digital key and rotate to unlock/lock.

Lock Cylinder Upgrade Kit
Designed to quickly and easily upgrade any existing Euro Cylinder lockbody. Can replace either fixed and floating cam locks.

PIN pad always positions #1 as the top left PIN location.

Multi-Group Access Control
Provides complete access control allowing up to 2 groups, 12 unique user codes, and limited temporary codes for trades and visitors.

Tough and Secure
Stainless Steel 316 Actuators and Anti Drill Plate for tamper protection. Highest security standards against software attack.



Long Battery Life
Up to 3 years and 9,000 operations. Easy to change CR2 battery and low battery warning with Micro USB connection for backup power.

IP55 rated against rain, hail, snow and dust.

Deadlocking and Snib Mode
Deadlocking level security. Programmable internal snib operation via keypad.



  • Cycle Testing
  • Battery Life Cycle Testing
  • Ingress Protection Testing (IP55)
  • Penetration Testing
  • Salt Bath Testing
  • Ultimate Testing
  • Software Testing

Product Details

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Furniture material Stainless steel, brass and zinc construction
Finish available Satin Black
Satin Chrome
Cylinder Standard Euro cylinder profile
lock bodies
Cylinder 62mm Cylinder body
70mm Cylinder body
Cylinder Front & Rear Entry Doors
French Hinged Doors
Sliding Doors
Hinged Doors
Security Doors
EPEC Electronic Pin Euro Cylinder brochure EPEC Instructions

Installation Guide

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