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Foam Spline for insect screens.

One size will work for several different spline grooves.

Flexibility and durability allow the spline to be easily inserted into the spline groove and allows easy cornering.

UV resistant for superior durability.

Made from 100% virgin materials.

Will not absorb water, remains consistent in both size and flexibility and is unaffected by seasonal weather changes.

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  •  Polyethylene foam material
  •  Excellent compression to roll in easily
  •  Easier to manoeuvre around the corners of the frame
  •  Maintains its product form in a variety of weather conditions
  •  UV stabilised for increased longevity
  •  Water resistant

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Part Description
9120261 SP114 Foam Spline 5.0mmx550m Black
9120265 SP115 Foam Spline 5.3mmx500m Black
9120268 SP116 Foam Spline 5.7mmx457m Black
9120272 SP117 Foam Spline 6.0mmx408m Black


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