SCE100s Kit

SCE100s | Short Chain Electric Winder Kit

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Doric Ventus Automated Chainwinders are the ultimate solution to let the breeze in.

Doric Ventus Automated hardware provides a complete range of automated hardware for Residential and Commercial applications.

The Doric Ventus SCE100s features a short 100mm chain projection. It is best suited for small and lightweight awning windows up to 1200mm wide by 1500mm high. Capable of producing 250N of force, the electric chainwinder can operate a window up to 25kg in weight.

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Finish & Colours

  • Clear Anodised (Standard)
  • Satin Black (on request)
  • Pearl White (on request)
  • Custom (on request)


  • Wireless Controls – easily paired to programmed controller unit.
  • Easy To Follow Charts – Installation is made a breeze with the easy to follow colour chart and wiring drawings.
  • Quick Connect Plugs – The Doric Ventus system connects fast and simple by the use of quick connect plugs.
  • No Electrician Wiring – 12V DC power pack plugging into a general power outlet (GPO), means the system does not require a licensed electrician to connect all the components
  • Left or Right Cable Sided – The flip design allows the cable exiting the chainwinder to be either on the left or the right hand side.
  • Multiple Installation Options – Can operate either standalone or integrate with BMS, C-BUS, & GPO installations
  • Easy Link Sash Plate – Attaching the sash chain is fast and easy with the clip-lock Easy Link Sash Plate.
  • IP32 Rated – When installed according to installation instructions
  • C Tick Certified


The Doric Ventus ‘Plug & Play’ system consists of a simple range of controllers, switches and motors all connected via quick connect plugs.

The ‘Plug & Play’ system offers control for up to 8 windows and is capable of operating electric chainwinders all at the same time.

Running on a 24 Volt (DC) ‘Plug & Play’ system for added simplicity & reliability, the Automated Chainwinders are suitable for use with awning windows and provide an easy to install system that does not require an electrician to connect together.


Running on 24V DC, the system by design only requires a GPO or regular mains power outlet at the reach of the supplied power pack to plug into. Not needing an electrician to wire up all the hardware components is a key benefit of the Doric Ventus ‘Plug & Play’ system.

One controller can be connected to an infinite number of switches and remotes, allowing you to put the controls where you want for absolute convenience. Doric offers single and multi-channel wall mounted control pads and wireless remotes.

A Wind Light Rain Sensor can be added to offer an automatic control when the weather turns undesirable. The system also alternatively allows to connect into the existing Building Management System (BMS) or C-BUS.

Product Details

Voltage 24V DC
Push/Pull Force 250N
Chain Projection 100mm
Max. Window H 1500mm
Window W 350mm – 1200mm
Chain 304 Stainless Steel
Code 9117721 – SCE100s Electric Chain Winder installation Kit – Plug and Play Part
Download Doric Ventus Auto Chainwinder Brochure Download Doric Ventus Automated Hardware Brochure

SCE100s Retail Kit

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9048965 MR536 Singe Channel Controller DC24V-10amp-433.92 MHZ 1
9048985 C2075F01 Female Plug Cable 100mm 2 Core 1
9048986 C2075M01 Male Plug Cable 100mm 2 Core 1
9048971 Powerpack-2.5A Universal PowerPack-240V-DC24-2.5A-3 meter cable 1
9052758 C2075MF10 Male-Female Plug 10 Meter Cable 2 Core 1
9048968 WT211 Wall Pad Transmitter-433.92 MHZ 1
9052637 SCE100s Single Chain Elec Winder DC24V 100mm 250N 1
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