27 September, 2019

Doric’s DN9000: The latest evolution in the world’s only self-latching multi-point window system

With the Bureau of Meteorology (BoM) reporting severe and damaging wind gusts, as well as issuing ongoing weather warnings, it’s important for building developers and architects to consider the safety and performance of their windows.

In addition to the high winds causing uncomfortably chilly weather, they also pose a hazard, especially for buildings with awning windows, as open windows can flutter in high-wind situations, causing them to dislodge.

In response to Australia’s extreme weather and the growth of high-rise commercial buildings and vertical living spaces, leading door and window hardware specialist, Doric, is launching the DN9000 system, the latest iteration of the world’s only self-latching multi-point window system.

Like its award-winning predecessor, the DN8000, the DN9000 system holds the window open, only releasing it under high wind loads. The window then falls under its own weight and is caught by the self-latching device, which holds it shut avoiding wind damage. The handle is then operated to release the window when the weather improves.

“The DN9000 provides an innovative solution to window safety in high wind areas, which is especially important to high rise properties and homes,” says Mike Alchin. “The updated system improves upon the reliability and performance of the DN8000.”

The smart window system is made to last being manufactured from high yield 304 and 316 stainless steel, which is corrosion free. Available in white, silver and black to suit modern home styles, the DN9000 is also designed with one-way and two-way opening options with top and front mounted handles as required.

There is definitely more to keeping a property safe and energy efficient than bricks and mortar. With the type of weather that Australian buildings are subject to in winter, it is worth investing in the small things that make a big difference.