DR2210 | Multi-Purpose Heavy Duty Adaptable Roller

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The DR2210 roller is a high performance product
designed in Australia by Doric’s engineering team
to suit residential and commercial aluminium and
uPVC sliding doors.

A heavy duty multi-purpose patio door roller suited for residential and commercial doors.

Outer Carriage Engineered polymer
Inner Carriage Cast passivated black aluminium
Tyre DR78 high performance polymer with “ZZ” bearing and dust seal
Finish Available Mill Finish Black
Max Load Capacity 100kg per carriage, or 200kg per door.
Available End Caps DR14
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  • Suits aluminium and UPVC Sliding doors
  • Fully adjustable carriage gives 10mm height adjustment with Stainless steel adjusting screw and nut
  • Outer carriage and internal assembly manufactured to withstand corrosive environments
  • High performance roller with corrosion resistant ground precision “ZZ” bearing and dust seal
  • Passivated cast aluminium inner carriage
  • Recommended for larger sliding doors
    up to 200kg
  • Unique multi-fit end caps


  • Cycle tested to 30,000 cycles.
  • Salt Spray tested for corrosion resistance.

How to Order

Product End Cap Wheel Weight Rating Order Code
DR2210-14 14 DR78 100kg max load 9108828
DR2210-17 17 DR78 100kg max load 9110028


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