DS1297 | Retrofit Kit

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The DS1297 Retrofit kit enables fabricators and customers who currently have a DS1297 lockbody installed on their doors to seamlessly upgrade to the DS2800.

The following kit will replace all internal components within an existing door system without requiring any additional cutting.

Compatible with:

DS1297 Lift to lock

Product retrofitted to:

DS2800 Mortice Lockbody

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  • Redesigned mid guide mounting system improves ease of installation and removes the need for additional tab mounting components.


  • Changed from zinc die-cast to pressed sheet steel construction to improve ultimate strength and manufacturability.


  • DS2800 now includes an ‘Over-Camming’ mechanism to ensure that the bolt and the rods cannot be depressed or retracted without handle operation.

Snib Position:

  • New zinc die-cast snib now allows powder coat colour matching to the furniture and with increased clearance between the snib and cylinder, non-standard keys can now be used.

Product Details:

No. Qty Item Order Code
1 2x Retro-Fit Mid Guide 9123859
2 1x DS2800 Lock Body 30mm Backset with retro-fit faceplate 9123865
3 1x Packer for DS2800 Tab Mounting 9123860
4 2x Rod Tip Guide 9051907
5 2x Locking Bolt & Connector Kit 9035673
6 1x 3 Point Rod Kit (1m & 1.5m) 9011972
7 2x Mid Connector 9047058
8 2x Head/Sill Ferrule 9051215
9 10x 8G x 1/2″ Countersink screws 9004363
10 1x Non-handed Striker* Custom
11 1x Floating Cam Cylinder* Custom
12 1x Hinged Door Furniture Custom


Retrofit Guide - Replacing the DS1297 Lift to Lock Line drawing comparison - DS1297 to DS2800

How to Order:

Part ID Description Handle Backset Powder Coat Colour
9125284 DS1297 Lift to Lock Retrofit Kit To Suit DS2800 DS1604 Swan #5 30mm Satin Black
9125293 DS1297 Lift to Lock Retrofit Kit To Suit DS2800 DS1604 Swan #5 30mm Silver
9125286 DS1297 Lift to Lock Retrofit Kit To Suit DS2800 DS1604 Swan #5 30mm Pearl White


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