DS2800 | Lift to Lock Mortice Lockbody

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The DS2800 Lift to Lock Mortice Lockbody is designed specifically for aluminium residential and
commercial doors, it builds upon the success of its predecessor the DS1297 lockbody.

The DS2800 goes beyond the standard latch & deadbolt by incorporating a vertical shoot locking kit.
This kit adds two additional bolts to the head & sill of the door frame, transforming the lockbody into a four point locking system.

This mechanism effectively prevents external tampering when the locking bolts are engaged in a locked position.
It adds an extra layer of protection and reassurance to users.

Another improvement in the DS2800 is the redesigned Mid-Guide mounting system.
This upgrade aims to simplify the installation process and eliminate the need for additional tab mounting

Users now have the option to surface or flush mount in one kit.
By streamlining the installation, users can enjoy a more straight forward and efficient experience when installing or
upgrading their current lockset.

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    The inclusion of four-point locking allows
    for multiple points of engagement as well as
    enhanced security and deadlocking capabilities
    Lift to Lock mechanism can easily engage
    locking bolts & rods which then can be
    disengaged and with the turn of a handle
    Designed with a reversible spring-loaded
    latch tongue the DS2800 can suit either
    Left-Hand or Right-Hand hinged doors
    and can be changed without hassle.
    When partnered with Snib Furniture provides
    the ability to secure the door from the inside
    without the use of keys for quick access.
    Introduction of over-camming mechanism is
    thrown & deadlocked position prevents external
    tampering for additional security.
    Cartridge style significantly improves
    on-site installation and adds serviceability
    when maintenance is required. The improved
    accessory kit offers sophisticated fitment
    reducing resonation within the door frame.


  • Cyclic Test: Completed and surpassed functionality test according to:
    ICP 002 – Windows & door Hardware. Achieved 100,000 cycles.
  • Maximum Torque Test: Tested on standard hinged furniture in deadlocked configuration. Completed and surpassed 76Nm.

Product Details:

Backset Available in 30mm & 40mm
Spindle to Cylinder Barrel Pitch Industry Standard 85mm
Spindle Type 8mm square
Latch Projection 14.5mm
Bolt Projection 18mm
Vertical Throw 18mm
Materials SS304 Face Plate
Recommended Cylinders Floating Cam Cylinders:
DS196NSK – 62mm Euro Cyl.
DS200NSK – 70mm Euro Cyl.
EPEC – Digital cylinder upgrade


DS2800 Lift to Lock Brochure DS2800 Comparison to DS1297 DS2800 Installation Guide

How to Order:

Code MDS2800
Furniture Plate 1500=SS no snib
1504=SS w/snib
1600=PC no snib
1604=PC w/snib
Lever 5=Swan
Cylinder DS196NSK
Keying KA
Strike S=27mm lip
M=34mm lip
L=72mm lip
X=no strike


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