Protection Tape

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The Protection Tape provides protection of surface finishes against dirt, scratches and tool marks during handling, transport & storage, as well as forming & assembly.

The Novacel 4224 Protection Tape by Doric preserves the quality and perfect finish of your profiles without leaving residues, stains or marking once the tape is removed for a reliable and trouble-free solution.

This specially engineered adhesive stabilises on the surface after 48 hours and doesn’t increase in adhesion for up to 12 months from application.

The white backing reflects the heat away from the adhesive meaning unlike the black tape, it won’t fall off or bake on in high temperatures because the adhesive warms up.

This is a surface protection product adapted to different structure of surfaces designed specifically for surface protection- not a pressure sensitive adhesive general day to day PVC tape.

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  • White


  • Stable adhesion – UV Stable Protection tape Outdoor life (12 months)
  • Easy removal (no blocking or tearing) because of stable adhesive and heat resistant backing


  • White backing for visual purposes and can also have notes written on in texta
  • Robust – 100 micron film with increased abrasion resistance

How to order

Code Colour Description
9051842 White 48mm x 100m – (carton of 20)
9051843 White 96mm x 100m – (carton of 8)
Protection Tape brochure

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