Twiin™ Sliding Door Lock Chassis

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The Doric Twiin™ was the first non-handed twin actuator system to be offered in the Australian market.

The extra thick 6mm plated cast tongues ensures the Doric Twiin™ offers a high level of security that surpasses similar products designed for residential applications.

The Twiin™ lock is available in a range of sleek and contemporary handle designs which blend seamlessly with modern decor.

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  • Two large 6mm thick opposing action hook tongues.
  • Standard model offers latched or deadlocked security functions.
  • Utilises industry standard C4 pin cylinder system.
  • Unique and smooth Twiin™ push/pull actuator operation.
  • Utilises industry standard 82mm machining details.
  • Accepts a wide range of Doric external handles.
  • Incorporates an anti-crash feature to prevent keeper damage.

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