Ventus Automated Hardware

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The award-winning Doric Ventus Automated Hardware is the ultimate solution to let the breeze in.

The range consists of Automated Chainwinders suitable for use with awning windows and motorised Auto Louvre Galleries, packaged into an easy to install system that does not require an electrician to wire. The ‘Plug & Play’ system runs on a 24V DC power supply for simplicity, reliability and ease of connection.
Suiting a variety of applications Doric Ventus Automated hardware can be used in floor to ceiling systems as well as those hard to reach areas.

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Doric Ventus

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Doric’s Ventus Auto Hardware range provides a host of motor options. The choice is simply down to the type and size of the window be it a Ventus Louvre Gallery or electric chainwinders for awning or casement windows.

Ventus Auto Louvre Galleries are a complete window solution, offering the frame, louvre blades and motorisation, all complete ready for on-site installation.

Auto Chainwinders are a great option for new and existing awning and casement windows. Most window sizes are covered thanks to a range of motor options to choose from


  • No electrician required for installation
  • Easy to follow colour charts
  • Simple combination wiring plans
  • Quick connect plugs
  • Configurations can be easily altered on the spot by simple disconnections
  • Retrofit to any opening
  • Wireless wall switches & remotes


  • Performance tested to 30,000 cycles



One controller can be connected to an infinite number of switches and remotes, allowing you to put the controls where you want for absolute convenience.


Running on 24V DC, the system by design only requires a GPO or regular mains power outlet at the reach of the supplied power pack to plug into. A key benefit the Doric Ventus ‘Plug & Play’ system offers is no need for an electrician to wire up the hardware components.


A Wind Light Rain Sensor can be added to offer an automatic control when the weather turns undesirable. The system also alternatively allows to connect into the existing Building Management System (BMS) or C-BUS.

Plug & Play System

The Doric Ventus Plug & play system consists of a simple range of controllers, switches and motors all connected via quick connect plugs.

The Plug & Play system controls up to 8 windows at a time and capable of operating Louvres and electric chainwinders all at the same time.

Download: Ventus Automated Hardware Brochure Project Highlight - Arncliffe Youth Centre Project Highlight - West End Residence Glebe Ventus Automated Hardware whitepaper Achieving efficient, climate-sensitive design with Ventus louvres

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