BIIO | Two Point Sliding Door Surface Lock Chassis

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The Biio™ sliding door lock chassis is a surface mounted non-handed two-point lockbody for patio & sliding doors.

It features two 316 Stainless steel hook tongues in opposing directions to maximise security against jemmying and door lifting.

The Biio™ chassis is available with a range of sleek and contemporary handle designs which blend seamlessly with modern decor.

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  • Dual push/pull actuator operation with ‘Locked’ and ‘Unlocked’ Indicators for quick identification of lock status.
  •  Two 316 Stainless steel opposing action hook tongues provide maximum security.
  •  Utilises industry standard 82mm door preparation and machining details.
  •  Incorporated anti-crash feature to avoid damage tohook tongues and keepers.


  • Latched or deadlocked security functions offered standard.
  • Part of the Doric One Key™ solution and can be keyed alike to Doric window locks.
  • Accepts both Doric disc wafer cylinder and pin cylinders.
  • Available with range of Doric external handles.

Product Details

Material Metacom™
Cylinder Powdcoat
Keeper DS2016 (DS2010)


BII0 Sliding Door Chassis Brochure