DN9001 Heavy Duty Adjustable Restrictor Stay

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In an industry first, the DN9001 has a unique, patented adjustment feature that tailors the stay to accommodate the size and weight of the window.

Designed specifically to support and control the movement of large awning sashes, the DN9001 is the most innovative product to hit this space.

Manufactured from 304 Grade Stainless Steel, this Heavy Duty support arm is fitted with a unique patented adjustment feature that will operate under some of the most challenging of applications.

Up until now the support of large awning sashes, whilst limiting their opening distance has been achieved through quite simple devices, when really this component is key to supporting windows in all applications.

The DN9001 in its design and physical presence has increased material so as to support the ever growing size of windows that we see today in mixed use applications, both residential & commercial.

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  • Silver


  • Heavy Duty – Stainless Steel (304)
  • 3mm thick solid support arm
  • 50% Increased channel thickness


  • Adjustable holding position locator (Patented)
  • Suitable for commercial framing systems

Performance Checklist

  • The ability to support large awning sashes
  • The ability to release or close at varying wind pressures
  • Suitable for use on windows that require restricted opening
  • Manufactured from a high-quality anti-corrosion material
  • Adjustable operational and closing force
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  • Cycle Tested
  • Corrosion Tested
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