Wireless Hand Held Remote and Wireless Wall Switch offers control from convenient locations and is easily paired to programmed controller unit.


Using quick connect plugs and a 24V DC power pack plugging into a general power outlet (GPO), the system does not require a licensed electrician to connect all the components.


The system can operate either standalone or integrate with BMS, C-BUS, & GPO installations, adding for flexibility of control and installation.


Designed to operate servery style awning windows opening wide

Product Details

Doric Ventus Automated Hardware provides a complete range of automated hardware for Residential and Commercial applications.

The Power Strut is a electric power driven actuator capable of opening large awning windows and other window systems.

Unlike any other servery style window, this unit is designed to open, close and secure itself unassisted. The actuators push the latch to unhook itself, allowing then the window to lift open, up to 90 degrees with some window systems.

The design of the latch plate is integral to the system. By incorporating the Linear Actuators with the latch mechanism, the user can drive the hook down and then use the connection point on the latch as the drive mount. The unique design of the combination ensures the hook remains unlocked until the final 15 mm of strut travel when the latch internals allow it to drive up and lock.


Running on 24V DC, the system by design only requires a GPO or regular mains power outlet at the reach of the supplied power pack to plug into. Not needing an electrician to wire up all the hardware components is a key benefit of the Doric Ventus ‘Plug & Play’ system.


A Wind Light Rain Sensor can be added to offer an automatic control when the weather turns undesirable. The system also alternatively allows to connect into the existing Building Management System (BMS) or C-BUS.


One controller can be connected to an infinite number of switches and remotes, allowing you to put the controls where you want for absolute convenience.

1000N Struts

  • 605-855 Strut 250 24V DC 1000N
  • 700-950 Strut 250 24V DC 1000N
  • 750-1060 Strut 310 24V DC 1000N
  • 850-1160 Strut 310 24V DC 1000N
  • 850-1260 Strut 410 24V DC 1000N
  • 950-1360 Strut 410 24V DC 1000N
  • 1050-1460 Strut 410 24V DC 1000N
  • 1150-1560 Strut 410 24V DC 1000N

600N Struts

  • 600-850 Actuator 250
  • 700-950 Actuator 250
  • 800-1050 Actuator 250
  • 900-1150 Actuator 250
  • 1000-1250 Actuator 250
  • 1100-1350 Actuator 250
  • 1200-1510 Actuator 310
  • 1200-1610 Actuator 410

Heavy Duty Struts (Custom)

  • 900-1380 Actuator 480
  • 950-1490 Actuator 540
  • 1000-1596 Actuator 596


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