Project details

Location – 213 Princes Highway, Arncliffe NSW
Facade Fabricator – Windtech Facade Solutions


VENTUS | Louvre Galleries
Natural ventilation and weather protection

DN197 | Entrance Handles
Commercial offset Stainless steel handles

DS920 | Waikato Sliding Patio Door Lock
Industry benchmark for aesthetic appeal, corrosion resistance and reliability


Martin Hewett, Doric’s Product Manager explained that this project showcased two of Doric’s key product offerings, the DS920 Waikato Sliding Patio Door Lock and the Ventus Louvres Galleries.

Louvres are a popular choice for climate control, creating a comfortable environment due to their ventilation capabilities and functionality. In this case they were also chosen for their aesthetic that matched the contemporary look and feel of the project.

Windtech’s Senior Project Manager, Kevin Ford adds, “the Ventus Louvre Galleries system really complemented the framing system and featured beautiful handles with robust components, making the louvres easy to use.

The doors installed incorporate commercial framing and low energy glass. The Doric Waikato Sliding Patio Door Locks have an ergonomic handle coupled to industry standard machining details. As Kevin put it, “they’re a pretty simple lock to install, they look good, and they fit our sliding door system really well!”

Ultimately, Windtech was attracted to the ease of working with Doric on this and other projects.

Martin explains being a local manufacturer in the Sydney area, Doric were able to make everything to order, create unit lock kits that included the lock and key and have them delivered to site in a staged floor by floor capacity. This complemented each stage of the construction process, plus, Doric’s ‘one key system’ meant each individual unit in the complex only had one key for all locks.

As a supply partner, Doric also supplied the louvres in what they call ‘window kit form’. Every opening was labelled corresponding with the unit and window numbers and location.

“This made it simple for the installers, they didn’t have to double check the paperwork because everything was labelled and laid out nicely for them, which ultimately saved them time and money on the installation.” explains Martin.

As an example, the glass for the louvres was cut to size, delivered in packs with paperwork that tied back to the window schedule.

“So, for any particular floor or unit, you could check the sheet, cross reference it, take it to the opening and install the glass. This extra detail reflects my dealings with Doric, they have been really good and supportive,” says Kevin.

Ease of installation is a significant contributor and cost saving. Doric’s Retrofit System means all aluminum profiles and components that go into an opening, are custom built to the correct sizes. For the installer, this means you can install the system easily into the openings.

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